Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturdays Cooking

I had planned on making stew in my crockpot and then heading to chinatown to shop for a few kitchen things and then make cookies later.  Well, my plans suddenly changed when the crockpot slipped out of my hands and hit the enamel sink.  I think it only fell 4-5 inches but that was enough to shatter it into a dozen pieces.

Now that I suddenly found myself sans crockpot I decided to still go through with the day and just make stew in my soup pot after I got home. 

I did my shopping and returned home and started using my new pots and pans for the first time, it was exciting!  I lightly caramelized a vidalia onion with a leftover piece of red onion and green squash in one pan while I brought to a boil the lentils, quinoa, carrot, potatoes, and butternut squash.  After adding the onions to the soup pot I took some of its liquid into the previous pan and deglazed it, then added that to the soup pot as well.

After that was done and simmering I decided to start on the oatmeal cookies.  I used the recipe from the back of my Safeway quick oats and put pecans and chocolate chips into them.

Both turned out great and I'm thrilled.