Thursday, February 04, 2010

Recent condition

Checked yesterday and realized I've gained 20lbs since Sept 2009. Woops.

Joined the Fitness First in Bethesda last week and biked 13 miles last Sunday and 10 miles yesterday at lunch on a half hour.

Had a touch of sinus infection a few days ago, I notice a little psoriasis flair up on my hands, and my right armpit hurts.

For the hurting armpit I've got 2 of the causes covered, possible virus and autoimmune problem (psoriasis is a hereditary autoimmune condition). I think it's more likely that I pulled something while I was going through my 'fitness evaluation' last Friday though. It hurts less today and last night I found what was hurting and it would hurt more when I tensed the muscles in my arm, so I'm satisfied it's a muscle/tendon issue and not a swollen lymph node.

Meanwhile I'm on track to buy some kind of pots and pans this weekend. I'm ready to start cooking fully in my kitchen.

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