Saturday, November 14, 2009

Artisan Confections in Clarendon

I've started on a Chocolate Obsession in the last couple days and I've gotten some great leads on drinking chocolates and truffles and alternate production method chocolates.   Last night while using Google Maps I found Artisan Confections and their website said they were moving to a new location and having a grand re-opening today.

I decided since it was very local that I would check it out and I'm very glad I did!   I bought Almond Dragee and Bittersweet Hot Chocolate while in the shop and snapped a few pictures.   When I returned home later I tried the almonds and was fearing they would be similar to the cocoa powder covered almonds you can buy at Whole Foods.  I'm glad to say they were nothing like them!  The dark chocolate is a thin layer and the almonds seem to be carmelized but instead of being sweet they are delightfully salty.  Its a wonderful taste to have savory roasted almond, salty dark chocolate, and bitter cocoa powder all at the same time on my tongue.

I look forward to trying the Bittersweet Hot Chocolate.

Artisan Confections
1025 N. Fillmore ST,
Arlington, VA, 22201


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