Monday, June 08, 2009

Very good weekend

I'm very pleased with this weekend, thinking back on it as I was walking to Metro to go to work.

Saturday was a relaxing morning having coffee and eventually eggs for breakfast, then I headed out for a bike ride.   I had decided to try the Capital Crescent Trail from Georgetown to Bethesda because some guys at work bike it when they commute and had talked about it.  Getting to the CCT is easy, its all downhill from Clarendon to Rosslyn, then cross the Key Bridge and do a tricky trail change and you're on the CCT.  It's a beautiful ride under a green canopy formed by the myriad vegetation on both sides of the 10ft wide trail.  I think the ride to Bethesda is vaguely uphill, my return trip seemed to go faster, but they always do.

After I got back home I showered and relaxed and stretched and then picked up some dinner and watched a couple shows.

Sunday was a lot of fun because Brian had arranged for Kyle, Brian, and me to go to Star Trek in Georgetown AMC.  I got up earlier than normal and had breakfast at Metro Cafe and Gourmet (just pancakes, eggs, and bacon) and coffee'd at Starbucks nextdoor.  Afterwards I did the grocery shopping and piddled around my place for a few minutes before deciding to bike to Georgetown, instead of Metro and walk, since I'd done it the day prior.   We met at Baked and Wired and headed to the movie which apparently was long but it didn't feel like it, there was plenty of story to fill the time.   After the movie was a snack at Chipotle and then I came home riding up out of Rosslyn. 

A very nice full but relaxing weekend.  :)

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