Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cherry Blossom walk and Dupont Circle PillowFight

Brian and I decided to do the Cherry Blossom walk today and made the
entire circuit with a stop at the George Mason fountain and the
Jefferson Memorial. The quote on the wall of the Jefferson Memorial
is incredible for me. I wish those few words could be popularized
and studied by people.

At the Jefferson Memorial there was a stage and an Indian dance troop
was performing. I think they were local and the girls were in their
teens. They were good and there were many people on the steps and in
front of the stage watching.

After that we went to Dupont Circle to get something to eat but
before that we watched the Pillow Fight. It was a lot of fun and
there weren't as many bemused onlookers as I'd anticipated.

I took 113 photos today and there are just too many to upload. I've
attached a selection and the rest are on Flickr

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