Saturday, March 07, 2009

A random statue of a man in McLean Gardens

As we walked down 39th street toward Macomb St we stopped to take pics of this unnamed statue.

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-stephen said...

It's one of several such figures on the grounds of McLean Gardens. They were previously part of an elaborate fountain on the Friendship Estate owned by the famous Evalyn Walsh McLean. The estate was eventually sold to the government for the construction of housing for war-time workers - today's McLean Gardens condominiums. The more modern town-house-style condominiums along Wisconsin Ave, including the tower at Idaho and Newark, were built in the 70's and are not part of the McLean Gardens Condominium Association. You can see the base of the fountain adorned with cherubs, still in operation, in front of the administration building at 38th and Porter. Visit for a history and some photos.

McLean Gardens