Friday, March 20, 2009

Le Pain Quotidien at 2900 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA

I took the day off work to go see 'Watchmen' with Brian today at the Uptown and decided to try the newly opened Le Pain Quotidien in Clarendon.   First of all, it cracks me up that its right under Golds Gym.   I would have thought a pointless store like a GNC would have taken that spot, thank goodness they didn't.

I stopped in at 9am, sat down, and ordered a 4 shot macchiato and almond cheese danish.  The calories are listed right on the menu and that was actually helpful and informative, nice touch. 

The macchiato came in a small bowl and was very tasty.  The espresso wasn't as delicious as Murky Coffees but it was far above serviceable.

The pastry was fresh and flaky and wasn't overly sweet or cheesy.  It tasted well balanced and I got buttery saltiness with the mild sweetness.

The atmosphere was nice between 9-10am on Friday, pleasant amount of echoed chatter and the music was well in the background.

The prices are about 30% over what I'd be comfortable paying but the flavors are good and if its as good on return trips then I'd be comfortable paying for what I'd perceive as quality.   My bill came to $9.74 for the danish and 4 shot macchiato.

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