Tuesday, November 25, 2008

WSJ editor some kind of bizarre imaginary religious buffoon?

He claims that some monotheistic phrase falling out of fashion indicates that people in the country are less 'virtuous' and 'moral' and that is why the mortgage crisis happened. That is complete nonsense. Being a religious person absolutely does not make you a 'moral' or 'virtuous' person, ask all the inmates in a prison and I'm pretty sure they'd all tell you they belonged to some wackadoodle imaginary god religion before they committed their violent crimes. People with a personal sense of responsibility and a larger sense of collective benefit are the kind that do good deeds and refrain from poor decisions, whether they are based on greed or flimsy projections of accounting gains.

He should be ashamed.

Mad Max and the Meltdown
How we went from Christmas to crisis.

The embed code for the video doesn't seem to work. You can click on the article and see the 3 minute video there.

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