Monday, November 24, 2008

Tmobile G1 hotspot access

Well, I thought I had figured out the Tmobile G1 hotspot service but now I'm not so sure. Yesterday I went to my local Barnes & Noble because it was listed in the Tmobile hotspot locator application as having a Tmobile hotspot. When I was there I tried to connect but could only find the att ssid, so I connected to it and went to the regular login page and also the roaming partner login page and entered my telephone number (with and without dashes) and the last 4 of my SSN, that never worked. I called Tmobile hotspot customer care and they explained that the hotspot service that is included in the G1 data packages only allows access to ssid's of tmobile and not on their roaming partners.

I went down the street to starbucks and the Tmobile hotspot application automatically sensed the ssid of tmobile and logged me in and displayed the pink bullseye in the status bar. I was impressed that it was seamless and was happy.

But later I rode my bike down to the grocery store and decided to stop outside of another starbucks and see what happens. I was attached to the ssid of tmobile but was constantly redirected to a login page and the pink bullseye for a Tmobile hotspot never showed up in the G1's status bar.

All in all I am very unimpressed with the Tmobile hotspot service because it is unreliable.

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