Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday adventure

Today was a nice quiet day. I relaxed this morning and had 3 cups of coffee and joined Yelp and wrote several restaurant reviews before getting showered and starting the days errands.

I decided to GPS track myself via the G1 and the program 'GPS tracker' from the Android Market while I was out and about. I went to Cherrydale Hardware to get a key copied for a housemate and had put laundry in the washer when I left. When I came back the laundry went into the dryer and I skipped out to the grocery store for the weeks breakfast and dinner items.

When I was home later I looked at my GPS tracks and was able to assign start and end points to my checkins and found that it calculated the distance traveled. All told I rode 6.4 miles today just doing errands. It makes me wonder how far I ride when I'm actually out for a real ride and not just tooling around having fun or on errands. It will be interesting to use GPS tracker in the spring when it's warmer and I can go out riding again.

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