Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boulevard Woodgrill

Well, this was Boulevard Woodgrills second chance to impress me with its
food and it failed.

Boulevard Woodgrill
2901 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA, 22201

I ordered the 'southwest frittata' and it came with crab, chorizo,
fontina, and roasted potatos. The problem is with the food and its
presentation. What was delivered to my table wasn't very appealing
looking and it also wasn't a frittata. It was a thin layer of cooked
eggs with junk thrown on top that was held in place with melted

Unfortunately this is a place that seems to serve food along the lines
of Whitlows on Wilson which is across the street from it. That means it
is just rushed out of the kitchen with no care and is merely something
to slop the fraternity/sorority pigs with.

I wouldn't recommend the food here and there isn't any atmosphere. My
waiter, Gene S., was nice and attentive but that can't make up for food
that is lacking.

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